Common Reasons for Household Pest Control in Barking

Homeowners in Barking that suffer from rodent or insect plights can rely on our pest control company to manage the problem with 100% effective results. The presence of bed bugs or a cockroach nest doesn’t mean your home is dirty as pests are attracted to warm and inviting environments. Our team specialises in eradicating the most common household pests, including rat control and mice control solutions.



Top 5 Domestic Pests


1. Mice

Mice are attracted to areas in your Barking home where there is an abundance of food, such as kitchens, pantries and other storage rooms. Because of their insatiable appetites, mice are prone to build their habitats close to their source of food. Mice can contaminate surfaces, including floors and countertops, with urine which spreads salmonella and causes humans to suffer from meningitis. Rodents also carry approximately 200 harmful pathogens too. Thankfully, mice have a short lifespan but without effective mice control treatments to eradicate them, they can breed and continue to affect your health. Our pest control services include thorough mice control and rat control methods to proof your Barking property against current and future invasions.


2. Rats

Rat control is commonly required for domestic and commercial properties in Barking and the nearby areas. Due to their teeth and claws, rats can scratch and gnaw through food packaging, cables, wires, floors and wall cavities. Their saliva and droppings spread illnesses including tuberculosis, salmonella, gastroenteritis, rat bite fever and leptospirosis or Weil's disease. Humans can contract these debilitating diseases through ingesting contaminated food, touching infected surfaces and inhaling decayed excrement. Our rodent extermination techniques for rat control and mice control involve similar styles of proofing, with cages and traps.


3. Cockroaches

A cockroach infestation strikes fear in Barking homeowners because of their appearance, size and quantity. They are usually found in warm, dank, sewage environments, such as basements and drainage systems. Each cockroach spreads bacteria and parasites throughout your home that puts your health at risk. In addition to the pathogens, cockroach excrement, skin and rotting insects become airborne which can severely affect children, elderly residents and clients who are asthmatic or suffer from allergies. At Armour Environmental Services Ltd, our pest control team use fumigation and poisonous gel treatments to rid Barking homes of cockroach hordes.


4. Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are known for their bites which create itching sensations and can lead to rashes and scars. An exposure to this level of irritation over long periods can also have negative psychological effects, such as anxiety and sleep deprivation for Barking clients. To stop this problem from getting out of hand, our pest control experts can quickly exterminate bed bugs with fogging or fumigations, as well as a combination of heat and chemical treatments. Bed bugs thrive in warm places so our heat treatments manipulate bed bugs by attracting them with a warm heat source, which is then raised to lethal conditions. Our special heat ‘bubbles’ are erected around affected areas to eradicate bed bugs, without damaging your furniture. Additional chemicals that are administered safely can destroy bed bugs living in floorboards, skirting boards, carpets and curtain fibres.


5. Fleas

Fleas can jump from pets to people with ease, due to their acrobatic legs. Their bites can cause Barking clients to experience allergic reactions, including anaphylactic shock. Another issue that can be associated with fleas is a parasite infection, such as tapeworms. Fleas which have eaten tapeworm larvae and subsequently ingested by humans or pets can result in a 50-foot long tapeworm growing in your intestines. Like bed bugs and cockroach treatments, fleas can be exterminated with a pest control fumigation.



Pest Control Services


  • Our experts will carry out a site survey with a detailed report of our findings
  • Pest control technicians offer advice to Barking clients to prevent future pests
  • We’ll discuss a wide-range of pest control treatments, including beds bugs and cockroach solutions, plus rat control and mice control methods
  • All chemical treatments comply with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations
  • We can schedule routine visits for follow-up appointments
  • Pest control services for same-day and emergency callouts are available



For more information about our pest control solutions or to get a free quote from our team in Barking and the wider London or Essex areas, call 0208 526 6247.