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Pest Control in Dagenham | Bird Proofing Services

Located in Dagenham, Armour Environmental Services Ltd covers the whole of East London with ethical pest control for a vast range of customers and clients, both domestic and commercial. When most people think of pest control, rats, mice and insects instantly spring to mind. Only a few will think about birds, and these will usually be people already experiencing bird control problems around their grounds, properties or businesses.


Built-up areas and seaside towns suffer more from high bird populations. The Dagenham and East London areas, much like Central London, have high pigeon populations. Coastal areas have sizeable seagull populations. The nuisance and damage birds cause make pest control companies like Armour Environmental an important service provider.


We are bird control and bird proofing specialists for Barking, Romford, Walthamstow and all surrounding East London locations. One of the things we genuinely understand is that people still have an affinity with birds, even if they cause problems, and prefer not to harm them. This is why we recommend bird proofing ahead of drastic pest control measures.



Understanding the Bird Species


The vast majority of bird control and bird proofing services provided by our company focus on pigeons, simply because we operate in one of the country’s most populated cities. Introduced to Britain by the Normans, pigeons raise their young differently to most other bird species. Because squabs nest for longer, pigeons have much lower mortality rates.


The milk-like food produced from a pigeon’s crop allows the species to breed throughout the year, not just during specific seasons. This increases the pigeon population and, with more and more seagulls joining their avian cousins in cities because more buildings make it easier to protect their young from predators, people need effective forms of bird control.

To discuss bird proofing services with a reputable pest control company based in Dagenham, call Armour Environmental Services Ltd on 0208 526 6247.

Armour Environmental Services Ltd uses the following bird proofing measures:


WIRE MESH – In our role as pest control specialists for Dagenham, Barking and the surrounding areas, we regard galvanised wire mesh as one of the strongest physical bird deterrents. More robust than netting, and ideal for void areas, wire mesh works particularly well underneath photovoltaic solar panels where birds often build nests.


BIRD NETTING – A cost-effective measure for large-scale bird control, particularly when organisations and local authorities have multiple properties to protect, bird netting prevents pigeons and other bird species from accessing buildings and from roosting, perching or nesting around them. Netting works incredibly well around service areas and trunking.


BIRD SPIKES – Easily visible as pest control measures on properties in East London, bird spikes are stainless steel bird proofing features which make it difficult for pigeons, seagulls and other species to land on properties. Used at high and low levels, spikes make it harder to perch and provide our customers and clients with long-term bird control performance.


BIRD WIRE – This is a discrete anti-perching bird proofing system consisting of stainless steel wire with fine spring tension. Our pest control specialists attach bird wire to metal posts, and these run adjacent to beams, flat surfaces and other property features that birds might use as a ledge. Bird wire is an excellent deterrent over longer lengths of a property.


OPTICAL GEL – We supply Dagenham, Ilford, Stratford and East London property owners with a non-hazardous toxic gel in low-profile containers. What makes optical gel such an effective bird control measure is the way it uses the ultraviolet spectrum. To birds, the gel takes on the appearance of fire and their instinct for self-preservation deters them from landing.

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