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Domestic Pest Control in Dagenham, Barking, London and Essex

Any type of home in Dagenham, Barking, Ilford, East Ham or the surrounding London and Essex areas can suffer from infestations which require professional pest control services. This is not a reflection of how clean or hygienic your property is as rodents, insects and birds are attracted to food and warm places. At Armour Environmental Services Ltd, our NPTA and BPCA accredited team is proficient at rat control and mice control, as well as applying COSHH approved solutions for bed bugs and cockroach problems.



Common Household Pests


Pests in your home can create the following issues for homeowners in Dagenham, Barking, Ilford and the wider areas of London and Essex:


  • Spread pathogens, parasites, salmonella and Weil’s disease throughout your home, including kitchens and dining areas, with moulted hair and excretion
  • Cause damage to personal possessions, electrical wiring and contaminate foodstuffs
  • Weaken properties by boring holes into structural components to make habitats
  • Create health and safety risks resulting from bites and infectious saliva
  • Breed to produce large-scale infestations, especially bed bugs, cockroaches and rats

Wide-Range of Pest Control Services




  • Cages are laid out for humane traps, as opposed to glue or spring-board traps
  • Fast-acting poison can be used in extreme cases of infestations, adhering to the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) safety regulations for rat control and mice control procedures
  • Holes and crevices in the floors and walls attracting rats or mice will be sealed




  • Netting and spikes can be fixed to the exteriors of your Dagenham, Barking, Ilford or nearby property to prevent birds from perching
  • Hawking can be performed at homes throughout London and Essex to scare pigeons and gulls away with the presence of a bird of prey




  • Heating, freezing and chemical solutions are carried out in compliance with strict health and safety guidelines for exterminating bed bugs
  • Cockroaches and fleas require similar pest control fumigations to bed bugs, with special cockroach gel insecticides too
  • Wasp nests are safely removed and beehives are relocated with care
  • Ants attracted to food areas can be eradicated by powders and sprays




  • Fox-proof fencing is designed to protect pet hutches and chicken runs at night
  • Repelling sprays will alleviate fouling around Dagenham, Barking, Ilford and other residential areas in London and Essex
  • Units emitting ultrasonic emissions can be installed to make deterring sound effects



Our Company Guarantee


At Armour Environmental Services Ltd, we take pride in combating infestations with comprehensive pest control solutions. These are 100% effective for insect problems, including bed bugs, fleas, wasps, moths, ants and cockroach invasions. Our domestic pest control services are also ideal to for helping clients to deter birds, squirrels, foxes and rodents, including rat control and mice control, to limit disturbances.


Our pest control company offers homeowners the following:


  • Rapid response time for pest control services undertaken within 24 hours
  • Free property survey, with a comprehensive report highlighting issues and solutions
  • Advice for London and Essex clients, based in Dagenham, Barking, Ilford, East Ham, Manor Park, Stratford, Rainham, Romford, Walthamstow, Plaistow to avoid attracting pests
  • Free quotes for services including, bed bugs, cockroaches, rat control, mice control
  • Safe application of chemicals and pesticides, adhering to strict COSHH guidelines

For more information about our pest control solutions or to get a free quote for our services in Dagenham, Barking, Ilford, and the wider London or Essex areas, call 0208 526 6247.

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