Tips for Homeowners About Pest Control in East Ham

If your East Ham home is turning into a habitat for rodents or insects like bed bugs and cockroaches, our pest control experts can advise residents on how to better proof their properties. As part of our professional service, we provide a detailed report to our clients following a comprehensive survey, outlining essential treatments, including rat control and mice control, with advice on how to stop attracting pests in the future.



How to Protect Your East Ham Property


  1. Maintain tidy floorspaces – Pests are attracted to food and waste so keep an eye on any spills on the floors and grime that collects near bins or in the corners of the room, such as along the edges of skirting boards or kitchen cabinets. Our pest control team suggests using soap and water to properly remove food remnants, ensuring that the kitchen floor is cleaned at least twice a week.

  2. Don’t let household rubbish pile up – A useful DIY rat control and mice control routine is to transfer the rubbish to the main refuse bin every day. Don’t let food and other biological waste fester inside your East Ham home. This applies to rubbish from the kitchen and throughout the rest of your home so that it is not left overnight. While bed bugs are attracted to heat and carbon dioxide, other main pests, like rats, mice, cockroaches and foxes are drawn to waste.

  3. Keep perishables in the fridge – If you tend to keep your fruit in a bowl, our pest control technicians recommend preserving fruit in the fridge. This will limit faster decay in warmer temperatures, which can attract flies, cockroaches, mice and rats.

  4. Ensure the sink is not leaking – East Ham homeowners are advised check the pipes and drainage in their kitchens and bathrooms to see if there is a leak. A build-up of moisture can result in cockroach or woodworm infestations, especially if timber structural components are damp for long periods.

  5. Securely package your food containers – A top pest control tip is to keep any opened food packets sealed tightly in bags or containers, such as cereal, bread, grains, seeds, snacks and even coffee grounds. This will help with rat control, mice control and prevent cockroach contaminations.

  6. Keep your pets clean – Regularly groom your pets with baths and use anti-flea and tick protection. Remember to clean the storage areas for pet food and keep them above ground level.

  7. Fill in any holes or cracks – Broken floorboards, skirting boards, walls, pipework and fittings need to be fixed or filled in. Bed bugs are prone to breeding in crevices around the room, as well as the bed itself. While we offer solutions for neutralising bed bugs during the earlier stages, it can be difficult to prevent them. Check the exteriors of your East Ham property too, especially around basements and rooflines, which can be disturbed by foxes and squirrels.

  8. Garden maintenance duties – Clear debris and avoid using compost heaps with organic food waste as this appeals to foxes, squirrels and rodents too. Overhanging trees and plants can also be an issue, allowing insects and squirrels to freely access your East Ham property.


These pest control tips are preventative measures but they are not guaranteed to fully proof your home, especially if you’ve already noticed signs of pests, such as droppings or bite marks. We advise East Ham clients to act quickly and contact the professionals for rat control, mice control, bed bugs and cockroach treatments that swiftly eliminate infestations.



To speak to a member of our highly-experienced pest control team or to get a free quote for our services in East Ham and the nearby areas, call 0208 526 6247.