Humane Methods of Pest Control in Manor Park

At Armour Environmental Services Ltd, we use a wide-range of pest control solutions to help domestic and commercial clients in Manor Park to get rid of problematic rodents, insects and local wildlife. In addition to safely administering COSHH approved chemical solutions for bed bugs and cockroach infestations, our pest control team specialise in environmentally-friendly, humane treatments as part of our services, including rat control and mice control.



Rat Control and Mice Control


Our rat control and mice control proofing methods include preventing further access from rodents once they have been eradicated. We use:


  • Specialist materials to block holes, crevices and common access points with wire wool, mesh, fillers and sealants
  • Sticky traps and contact poisons with baits made from grain, wheat and pasta


We endeavour to be as humane as possible with rat control and mice control, which is why we advise Manor Park clients to regularly check traps so that we can take care of pests quickly and efficiently.



Solutions for Bed Bugs


One of our most eco-friendly pest control solutions is a heat or diathermic treatment which kills bed bugs and fleas using a capsule or bubble. A computerised thermostat controls temperature increases that initially attract bed bugs and fleas to the warmth, and raised to lethal temperatures. Not only is this a more humane procedure to rid Manor Park clients from the irritation of bed bugs, it protects your bedding, furniture and soft furnishings, in comparison to harsher chemicals.



Cockroach Treatments


It isn’t always easy for pest control companies to take care of cockroaches without using chemicals and poisons. Much like contact poisons in severe rat control and mice control incidences, cockroach treatments are carried out with fast-acting gel baits. When the gel is consumed by a cockroach, the infected body is then cannibalised by another cockroach to eradicate the entire nest. At Armour Environmental Services Ltd, we ensure that the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH) are adhered to, promoting a safe environment for pets, children and the elderly, as well as for staff or visitors in the workplace.



Bird, Fox and Squirrel Traps


  • TRAPPING – We will set-up traps at your Manor Park property to catch foxes, squirrels and birds that are creating disturbances around to your grounds, including rooflines. Our pest control experts will arrange to collect and transfer wildlife in a safe and secure manner.

  • PROOFING – Like rat control and mice control, we’ll proof your property by filling holes or gaps in your garden fencing, basements or attic spaces to stop further access.

  • GROUNDS MAINTENANCE – We’ll advise Manor Park clients to keep their gardens and commercial grounds clean and tidy to prevent pests being attracted to waste.

  • ANTI-PERCHING SYSTEMS AND NETTING – To limit birds from nesting and causing a nuisance with damage and excrement to your property exteriors, nets and spikes will be attached to roofs, walls, archways and other locations that are prone to perching birds.

  • HAWKING – Pest control methods can involve hawking, in which professional handlers and trainers are used to scare pigeons and gulls away with a trained bird of prey.



To arrange pest control treatments for bed bugs or rat control services in Manor Park or the surrounding London and Essex areas, call 0208 526 6247.