Important Facts About Pest Control in Romford

Discover more information about the creatures that cause disturbances at your Romford property, which our pest control team can resolve for you. We specialise in the eradication of bed bugs and cockroach infestations, and carry out fast-acting rat control and mice control solutions. Our company also offers valuable advice so clients understand what pests are capable of.





Did you know that rats and mice adapt to most environments to survive, with the ability to access gaps or holes in your Romford property measuring as little as 7mm wide? Rat control and mice control is ideally carried out during the earliest stage of an infestation because of their fast breeding patterns. Rodents tend to reach sexual maturity within 6 weeks and can produce multiple litters in close succession. Therefore, to limit the level of disturbance and spread of pathogens throughout your Romford home or workplace, rat control and mice control experts should be called in as soon as you notice tell-tale signs, such as droppings, bite marks in food packets or gnawed wiring. Due to the rodents’ need to maintain the condition of their teeth, frequent gnawing activities are likely to give away their presence.


Without rat control or mice control solutions in place, Romford clients are at risk of contracting numerous diseases from parasites and mites, passed on by rodent excrement, saliva and hair, as well as rat bite fever from aggressive species.


  • Tuberculosis
  • Salmonella
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Leptospirosis or Weil's disease






Bed bugs are wingless insects that thrive on heat, blood and carbon dioxide. Romford clients can easily notice if they’re suffering from an infestation from the itchy patches of skin and patterns of bites, producing red dots or blotches on your body. The larvae of bed bugs are lightly coloured and can be found in bedding, mattress springs, headboards, bed frames, carpets, curtains, floorboards and skirting boards. Bed bugs grow to approximately 4 to 5mm in length with hairs across their dark brown, flat, oval-shaped bodies.



Cat and dog fleas can be treated by a vet, however in severe cases your Romford property can become infested as well. Like bed bugs, fleas live in soft furnishing such as carpets, beds and lounge furniture, as well as attaching themselves to the fur of your pets. The lifespan of fleas can reach 2 years and during this time, fleas can lay 1000 eggs or more. If you notice bites appearing around your ankles, shins or if you see minute insects leaping on your furniture, our pest control technicians can remedy this for you.



  • German Cockroach – These are small, measuring 12 to 15mm in length with a dark brown appearance and two dark lines stretching across its body. Their superfluous wings limit them to scuttling about and hiding their hordes.
  • Oriental Cockroach – They are larger, from 25 to 30mm long with shiny, dark brown exoskeletons. Cockroaches can be found in kitchens and basements or other damp areas of your Romford property, as well as drainage systems and sewers. The Oriental cockroach are nimbler than the German cockroach but pest control treatments, such as gel bait, can target both species.



  • Clothes moths attack the fibres of your clothes and soft furnishings, eating wool, hair, fur and feathers.
  • Brown house moths can be found bouncing along the ground as opposed to flying. They are also attracted to dried foods.
  • Flour moths target food preparation areas at homes and businesses in Romford, including kitchens, pantries and storage cupboards. They consume flour, cereal, nuts, dried foods and chocolate.



Wasp nests are extremely dangerous and need to be neutralised and removed by pest control experts. If you find a nest along your roofline or in your shed, there can be as many as 30,000 wasps with the potential to aggressively sting you as part of their defence mechanisms against predators.




Black garden ants are common in the UK and can build nests in your garden or within the walls of your Romford property. Pest control sprays and powders are ideal to remove them from entering kitchens in search of food. Summer mating seasons for flying ants can be a threat too.



Outdoor Menaces


  • Foxes – These tend to be nocturnal scavengers which can disturb your bins, attack pets and livestock, and foul around your Romford property. Pest control solutions adhere to fox protection laws which prevent poisoning and physical violence.
  • Squirrels – Grey squirrels cause disturbances with crops and plants, as well as creating a mess in loft spaces by using insulation materials as their habitat. Pest control technicians lay traps to safely remove them and alleviate the excessive noise they are associated with.
  • Birds – Wild pigeons and herring gulls carry diseases, including chlamydiosis, cryptococcosis, campylobacter, salmonellosis, erysipelas, pigeon fancier’s lung and histoplasmosis. They also spread beetles, moths, mites, flies and ticks from their nests. Acidic bird excrement stains and erodes stonework at domestic and commercial properties in Romford, requiring specialist pest control cleaning services.



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