Seasonal Pest Control in Stratford

If you need advice or emergency pest control services in Stratford or the nearby London and Essex areas, we are available to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. While our dedicated rapid response times are ideal to neutralise pests, such as fox and bird nuisances or bed bugs and cockroach infestations, we want our clients to be prepared. There are specific seasons of the year that certain pests thrive in greater numbers, requiring professional solutions like rat control or mice control to be carried out on your behalf.





  • CLOTHES MOTHS – Stratford clients are at risk of ruined wardrobes from the larvae that hatches into adult moths. These insects can be found more commonly during the springtime, feeding on wool, fur, feathers and even hair. If you notice more holes in your clothes, our pest control experts can fumigate moths to stop them breeding.

  • PIGEONS – Spring mating seasons means you will find more congregations of pigeons, which produce faeces that spread diseases and stain the exteriors of your property.

  • COCKROACHES AND BED BUGS – School trips and holidays can attract cockroaches and beg bugs due to the rise in temperature. Bed bugs can also begin to spread if people share bedding or clothing.

  • RATS AND MICE – If it is a cooler spring climate, rat control and mice control may be needed due to rodents seeking warmer shelter.





Summer brings a warmer climate for pests to flourish, which can affect businesses and domestic clients in a detrimental way. Summer holidays increase the likelihood of homes, hotels and resorts contracting bed bugs and fleas, which can spread due to the high turnover of guests sleeping in the same bed and using the same linen.


Other summertime pests include the following:


  • WASPS – These stinging insects begin to breed during the spring, however Stratford home and business owners are likely to be affected by larger swarms or nests in the summer. We use pest control treatments with dust to exterminate wasp nests which are too dangerous to be touched or moved beforehand.

  • COCKROACHES – There is no season that cockroaches are limited to, however summer is the time that pest control companies are requested due to cockroach breeding patterns. Not only can a cockroach infestation spread illnesses and pathogens, they affect asthmatics and exacerbate allergies too.

  • FOXES AND RODENTS – Commercial clients in the agricultural sector may need rat control, mice control or fox deterrents to protect the healthy growth of their crops.





Following the hotter summer temperatures, pest control treatments may still be needed because autumn is another popular time for travellers taking advantage of the heat. Bed bugs and fleas will continue to seek warmth in homes and at resorts, with fleas affecting Stratford homeowners with pets.


Hotter autumnal seasons can attract wasps and bees before the temperatures begin to drop. When this happens, cockroaches, rats and mice will also search for warm, inviting habitats for food and shelter during the winter.





Pest control companies, such as our own, find that commercial clients require rat control and mice control services mostly in the wintertime. At this time of the year, rodents are likely to contaminate food supplies and damage Stratford properties, especially gnawing through packaging in warehouses and electrical cables. This can result in financial losses to inventory and a lack of power from defective wiring.


Stratford homeowners are also at risk of rats and mice, together with bed bugs, fleas and cockroach nests, due to properties turning on their central heating.



To speak to our pest control team and find out more about our services in Stratford and the surrounding London or Essex areas, call 0208 526 6247.