Contract Services for Pest Control in Walthamstow

If your Walthamstow business caters to clients in the food or hospitality industry, commercial contracts for pest control services are ideal to protect your property and reputation. Regular rat control and mice control treatments will help to maintain a safe and healthy environment. Periodic surveys and site visits will help businesses to identify pests early on and help to prevent the return of bed bugs, fleas and cockroaches and other common pests.



Essential Pest Control Contacts


If Walthamstow clients choose a pest control contract this will ultimately save them money because we help clients to keep their business running smoothly.


  • Venues situated close to bins or refuse sites are prone to infestations if not properly treated or proofed
  • Pest sightings can result in a decline in revenue for Walthamstow businesses, including bed bugs and cockroach nests
  • Rodents can harm the health of your employees and customers
  • The presence of pests risk venues being closed and commercial clients facing prosecution
  • A lack of rat control or mice control can lead to property and inventory damage
  • Insects and rodents can contaminate food supplies and dining areas


We aim to assure our clients and give them peace of mind with the reliable pest control contract services we provide. Our focus is to neutralise the threat of infestations from insects, such as bed bugs, fleas and cockroaches, as well as rodents with rat control and mice control. This will prevent damage to the interior and exterior of your Walthamstow property and remove health and safety risks.



What You Can Expect from Us


At Armour Environmental Services Ltd, we provide a convenient 24-hour pest control service, 7 days a week in addition to scheduled treatments. Every visit to your Walthamstow property will be managed by our fully-qualified team, carrying out pest control solutions tailored to your timeframe and budget. Our rapid response callouts are also completed in a professional, discreet manner.


Commercial clients in Walthamstow can benefit from the following pest control contract service:


  • Pest Control Specialists – A dedicated member of our team will oversee your contract. However, clients can rely on each of our experts to offer advice and manage pest control services at your Walthamstow property if there is an emergency.
  • Regular Inspections – A follow-up inspection will be arranged to confirm that solutions for bed bugs, rat control or mice control have been successful. We will also manage the safe disposal of traps and maintain the different kind of toxic baits used to eradicate rats, mice cockroaches and other insects.
  • Competitively Priced Treatments – We aim to deliver a hassle-free experience, which includes same-day pest control services at competitive prices, matching the budget for your commercial contract.



Pest Control Surveys and Reports


  • Every site visit includes a full survey with findings and pest control treatments compiled in a report
  • We’ll discuss our findings and any updated procedures that need to be carried out, such as bed bugs and cockroach treatments, rat control or mice control
  • Our pest control technician will provide a detailed report folder with information on pests, chemical and eco-friendly solutions, health and safety codes and cost breakdowns



To speak to a member of our high-experienced pest control team for treatments in Walthamstow and the surrounding London or Essex areas, call 0208 526 6247.